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Crown FAQs

Our Daysmart Platform can be a complicated tool for Coaches, Managers, Parents, and Players. If you’re having trouble navigating Daysmart in any way, checkout some of our common solutions below!
  • Do I need a Daysmart account to participate at Crown?
    • Yes, every individual looking to register for a program at Crown must create a Daysmart account with a valid email address. 
  • Does it cost anything to create an account? 
    • No, a Daysmart account’s 100% Free.
  • I’ve played at Crown in the past, but never need an account for registration, rentals, or anything else. Why do I need one now?
    • We now use Daysmart as a central hub for communication, wavering, rostering, rentals, and more. We no longer accept rentals, registrations, rosters, or waivers that are not on your Daysmart account. 
  • What can I expect when using Daysmart for the first time
    • When registering for a program for the first time, you’ll complete your and your family’s profiles. You will have the option on your account to complete a waiver, or you can do so directly from the Crown Website. Once you complete registration, be sure that you’re opted in to receive emails. This is how we send out important communications about your season. 
  • I’m a coach from an outside club looking to join a league. Why do I need an account?
    • As a coach, you’re one of the most important people we need to have an account. If you’re registering your team for the league, the bill will be added to your team and attached with your account. Furthermore, this will allow you to manage your team, invite players, and receive crucial emails and communications about schedules, updates, and any other form of communication.
  • My club team has registered for a Crown league, how do I join my team’s roster? Do I really need to?
    • Yes, Crown requires EVERY Team to have each player for their team rostered. Once your coach registers your team, you can request to join your team by finding the corresponding division in the Daysmart Hub

Important Information for clubs and coaches

  • I’m registering multiple teams, do I need to roster each coach for these teams?
    • YES. This is a very important step in our rostering process. The coach for the corresponding team is REQUIRED to be assigned for communication purposes.
  • Are rostering players mandatory?
    • YES. This is another mandatory process we have. This allows us to check each player to avoid illegal players, waivers, and more.
  • Do I need to pay online when registering my team?
    • YES. Full payment is due at the time of registration. If you’d like to pay by check, a check must be received before we can register your team.
  • I need to make adjustments to my schedule, what do I do?
    • Scheduling requests are never guaranteed. Crown staff will do our best to accommodate any schedule changes to the best of our ability. To submit any request, please email sports@crownsportscenter.com
    • Crown reserves the right to deny any schedule request based on the matchup, time of the request, nature of the request, and availability. 

Still have an unanswered question? Email us at sports@crownsportscenter.com for help!