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Winter Developmental Academy League

welcome to the Developmental Academy League:
Unleashing the Future Stars at Crown Sports Center

WINTER II League Info:

The League is for Individual Registration Only.
This session takes place on Crown’s Indoor Turf Fields.

Players with the following Birth Years are eligible: 2008-2018

Level of Play: Beginners-Intermediate-Advanced

Age Groups: 

  • U7 (Birth Years 2017-2018)
  • U9 (Birth years 2015-2016)
  • U11 (Birth Years 2013-2014)
  • U13 (Birth Years 2011-2012)
  • U16 (Birth Years 2008, 2009 & 2010)

Registration Dates and Fees:

  • Early Bird Registration Ends December 10th:   $179 
  • Regular Registration Ends January 5th:   $199
  • Late Registration (If Available):  $209

Uniforms: Uniforms are ordered separately through Capelli and Shipped to you! New Players are required to purchase the academy jersey. Shorts and socks are not required to be purchased through Capelli but are listed as an option.

Please note: If you have a jersey from the fall or Winter 1, you DO NOT need to purchase a new one. 
These jerseys will be used each DA Season.

Click here to purchase your kit! You may pick any uniform number you would like.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a part of the Developmental Academy League! Register your child today to secure their spot in this groundbreaking program that combines player development with competitive play. Together, let’s shape the future stars of soccer!

For more information and registration details, visit CrownSportsCenter.com or contact sports@crownsportscenter.com

Winter II Assessment Schedule

Please try to attend both sessions listed for your age group (it is ok to miss one of the sessions, but try to attend at least one!)  
Players are evaluated prior to the Team Draft with the goal of creating teams of equal strength.
  • U7DA (Birth years 2018 – 2017)
    • Thursday, Jan 11 at 5:30p
    • Saturday, Jan 13 at 12p
  • U9DA (Birth years 2016 – 2015)
    • Wednesday, Jan 10 at 5:30p
    • Saturday, Jan 13 at 1p
  • U11DA (Birth years 2014 – 2013)
    • Thursday, Jan 11 at 6:30p
    • Saturday, Jan 13 at 2p
  • U13DA (Birth years 2011 – 2012)
    • Wednesday, Jan 10 at 6:30p
    • Saturday, Jan 13 at 3:30p
  • U16DA (2008, 2009, & 2010)
    • Thursday, Jan 11 at 7:30p
    • Saturday, Jan 13 at 4:30p

Are you ready to take your child’s soccer skills to the next level? Look no further! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new Developmental Academy League, an exciting program designed to promote player development and foster competitive play for young soccer enthusiasts.

Program Overview:

Our Developmental Academy League is open to players born between 2017 and 2008, catering to a wide range of age groups and skill levels. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to grow and excel in the sport they love, which is why we have designed this comprehensive program to provide two weeks of intensive training and assessments.

Player Draft and Competitive Play:

Following the training and assessment period, we will conduct a player draft to ensure the formation of balanced and competitive teams. This process allows us to create a dynamic playing environment where players can showcase their skills, learn from each other, and grow together. By fostering healthy competition, we aim to bring out the best in each participant and encourage them to reach new heights in their soccer journey.

In-season Season:

Once the player draft is complete, the Developmental Academy League will kick off with an action-packed five season. Each team will engage in thrilling matches, providing ample opportunities for players to apply their newly acquired skills, develop strategic thinking, and experience the excitement of team play. Our coaches and dedicated staff will be present throughout the season, guiding and supporting the young athletes every step of the way.  Weekday team training will be provided to ensure growth throughout the season.

End-of-Year Tournament:

As the season draws to a close, we will conclude the Developmental Academy League with an exhilarating end-of-the-year tournament. This showcase event, March 2 or 3, will bring together all teams in the league for a thrilling display of talent, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Players will have the chance to compete at their best, demonstrate their progress, and leave a lasting impression on the field.  Each Team will get a minimum of three games at the tournament, games 6-8 for the season.  

Why Choose the Developmental Academy League?

– Player Development: Our program is specifically designed to nurture each player’s individual growth, focusing on technical skills, tactical awareness, and overall soccer IQ.

– Balanced Competition: The player draft ensures that teams are evenly matched, fostering a healthy and competitive environment for all participants.

– Top Coaching: Our experienced coaches bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to the field, providing instruction and guidance to enhance each player’s development.  Our Coaching Staff is led by Gabe Kane, state champion soccer coach at JM Bennett High School.

– Comprehensive Training: The two-week training and assessment period offers a concentrated learning experience, targeting key areas for improvement and setting a solid foundation for the season.  Our weekly in season training will help advance skills to show growth and understanding of the game.

– Crown End of Season DA Soccer Tournament: The season culminates in a high-stakes tournament, giving players the opportunity to showcase their progress and compete for glory.